Brave Girl Tour
Count down to my 10,000 mile road trip! I am going to do my best at documenting where I am, who I meet, what I see, and how I feel about all of it.. and try and figure out my need to go on this adventure. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and always expect the unexpected. Slow down and be in the moment. Have hope, bring your cup to at least half full, and remember as long as you are here you can make a difference. Number one responsibility is to yourself. Ask questions. Seek answers. Admire diversity. Learn cultures. We can’t all be the same. Realize you can not know joy without sorrow. Call your parents if you are fortunate enough to have them. Smile and be kind, even when you don’t want to. Life is a gift, and don’t take it for granted. We could be hit by a truck tomorrow, or today.

What is your “Happy”?