agastya harjunadhi

Graduate from Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, major in Information Technology (IT), after work as IT Project Manager at AR&Co, the largest Augmented Reality Company in South East Asia, member of WIR Group- Brand Design and Technology Company, - now Agast joined the Ulama caderization, a program from AQL, Tabung Infaq and MIUMI, gaining his knowledge major of Islamic Educaton in University of Ibn Khaldun

An ordinary person who wish could do extraordinary contribution, love in so many activities, socialpreneur, public speaking, martial art, designing, writing, and always try to be a Youth Changemaker for a better future..

Passion in Social, Media, Marketing, Training, strategic planing, and inspiring with Tadabbur Al Quran (Ngaji)

Remembering statement from my mate for our future dream and wishes.. this..

"One day, couple years from now, you and me will be the main leader for Indonesia and bring this country into the brightest future. That's why, prepare your capability, ideas, and tremendous actions!"

Agastya Harjunadhi
Penggagas Omah Peradaban
@agastyaharjuna founder @pemimpinQu
Presiden Aliansia Pemuda Islam Indonesia (APII)
Owner OMAHku group.

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