Andrew Watkins - The Adventure Capitalist


Andrew has an intense desire for adventure. Aged three, Andrew inverted a jar of treacle and held it above his head to test the powers of gravity. It was an adventure that lasted weeks, spent mostly in the bathtub with bottles of hair shampoo and copious amounts of warm water.

At age five, Andrew desired to ride his go-cart down a bitumen road before brakes and bike-helmets were invented. He also desired to see his brother fly from the top of a wardrobe, and to test the human body’s limits of orange-juice consumption. He has blown bubblegum so big it stuck to his eyebrows.

At age six, Andrew walked around school with his shoelaces tied to each other. Andrew enjoys a campfire, but he once fell asleep in the middle of one. He has woken up to find his hiking boots totally melted. He has abseiled without gloves. He has been on a flight that began a crash landing procedure. Fortunately it was a scheduled event.

He has pitched a tent in the middle of a floodplain. He has also un-pitched a tent in the middle of a flood, just faster than pitching one. Andrew has sought to visit foreign lands without parental approval (not recommended). He has waded through a river of chocolate to reach a pot of gold. He got sick that day actually, from too much chocolate.

Andrew has steered a car being towed by nothing more than a thin nylon rope, at night with no lights, along a frozen icy road, at minus 35 degrees Celsius with the windows rolled down. He still has the frostbite scars to prove it. He also once scaled a razorwire fence in a single bound to retrieve the ball during a game of soccer. He has the scars to prove that one too.

On a higher note, Andrew enjoys rhapsody and harmony, rhythm and rhyme. He has a long history of music surrounding his every move. He played piano and trumpet as a child, and subsequently gave up music to stick with just drumming. He played drums in the concert bands, brass bands, marching bands, orchestras, string ensembles, stage bands, brass ensembles, percussion ensembles big bands, jazz quartets, and jam sessions. In need of adventure, Andrew once picked-up an entire drum kit and jumped off the stage during a music concert. This event possibly sparked the “moshing” revolution of the 1980s, one widely-practiced to this day.

Andrew has pursued the creative technical field of engineering and has produced many innovative solutions for industry and community. His unique blend of substance and form has produced solutions which are not only functional and efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. At university he learned that “engineers make things happen”, but he has added significantly to this proposition with “engineers make people happy”.

Andrew is passionate about the environment supporting its human populations in a sustainable way. He is actively involved in greening the world from the inside, but he’s not as green as he is cabbage-looking. Also Andrew loves to find poetry in nature. He has climbed Japan’s Mt Fuji on a clear day. It was reportedly quite a nice haiku.

Andrew is undeniably a capitalist, one who seeks the proper employ of physical capital, land capital, financial capital and intellectual capital to improve our world. He writes with his right hand, holds his slide rule with his left hand, and votes with his gut. He can also play “Advance Australia Fair” on the bugle at the same time, while balancing three kids on his head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Andrew has combined his adventure sense and his capitalist cents to produce his own blend of Adventure Capitalism. It’s about fun and it’s about profit, but it’s also about individual effectiveness and business prosperity for the benefit of the community and the environment. Andrew’s vision is for individuals to act in concert with themselves and with others, namely that we each act with Purpose.

Andrew’s directly supports and encourages the work of the following organisations:

Humourversity for its humour, comedy and laughter skills. These “Ha-Ha skills” are what will help to produce the Ah-Ha world to which every individual aspires. Humourversity’s vision is for Peace throughout the world’s diverse communities.

Small Fish Business Coaching for its purposeful look within the small to medium business world, promoting consultative and well-planned growth opportunities for business owners, their commercial ventures and their social responsibilities. SmallFish’s vision is for Passion in business.

FiveP for its aesthetically-pleasing solutioneering. This niche consultancy provides the enabling force for delivery of technical projects, quickly, efficiently and happily. FiveP’s vision is for Productivity in industry and community.

GreenBizCheck for its holistic approaches to change-focused green credentials in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. GBC’s vision is for a sustainable Planet.

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