I am a person who like to have fun. And by fun I mean Reading a book or listening to music.
I am a bookaholic. Call me a nerd, I don't mind.
I love talking about books as much as I like reading them.
I try out different genres and authors but contemporary, YA and Fantasy seem to be my favourite.
I have a list of favourite authors and my fictional boyfriends, because in real world I'm socially awkward. So books make me feel good. I like loosing myself in a good story and living different lives. I mean I have wandered through the globe with these books and explored the places I didn't know existed.

I accept Arc's (ebooks preferred) and will review them on my blog.
Authors who want to promote their book or other bloggers can contact me on :

Tumblr : Nerdfightercupcake
Gmail :

The main reason I started this blog is to talk about books and authors I loved, liked or didn't like. So, that's it. :) Oh, also I want to do book tags. It's really fun. So if you've got something, please TAG ME. 😊

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