Ebony Brown

New York

Born and raised in the Bronx, let me tell you that Ebony Brown isn't a stage name. My mother named me when she gave birth to me on the most M.I.A. day of the calendar, which is Leap Day, February 29th. A poet at heart, I write to share, to heal, to evolve and to connect with others on path of doing the same, or who aspire to communicate outloud and add their voice, magic and greatness to the world. Folks from all walks of life, amazing artists, various organizations and companies have honored me with opportunities to photograph the essence, and energy of their events which is humbling as a professional event and lifestyle photographer. Contributing something meaningful and honest to you as a reader, those around me, and the world at large through my written and photographic work is the goal. I'm open to travel, and collaborating. To stay connected, leave your email in the subscription box.

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