Anh-Tu Phuc-Hoang

Relocating to NJ from Toronto, Canada

I am a Canadian seeking an H1B sponsorship and a full-time permanent position in New Jersey, as a Digital Marketing Operations Manager (not Sales) where the opportunity for professional growth is more diverse with my exceptional qualifications.
I possess a quarter century of professional experience in process control that includes an advance post-graduate certificate in management, a deferred admission for my MBA, and verifiable certifications in ad operations, campaign management and web analytics that is furthered with a degree in Economics for statistics and trend analysis. I am a published writer on Ad Operations not to mention two small books related to the subject matter that have ranked on Amazon. Equally important is my 15 years in ad operations, beginning from the bottom to incorporating my own digital marketing consulting business with global clients being The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Dharamsala-India and the Canadian Tibet Committee in Canada. My present web projects are highlighted across the websites of the national Canadian government, the London United Kingdom government, the University of Oxford and the popular blog Cool Site of the Day.
I will make a great long-term addition to your digital marketing operations team as I complete my MBA. I am a creative process troubleshooter because of my experience and my strong analytical abilities. I am also a great team leader and mentor who has always been there for my team. Equally important is that I publish a popular well liked blog that attracts, on average, 8K readers a month for stories on personal wealth, goal setting and relationship safety. I am an exceptional campaign manager who holds every designation offered by Google and Bing (Marketing Terms - The Digital Marketing Reference cites just 60 people in the USA to have accomplished this). You should initiate contact with an email with myself making the trip to New Jersey before any hiring decision. Finally, I am ready to relocate at my own expense.

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