Anita Rogers

New York, New York

Anita Rogers is the President and founder of British American Household Staffing. Currently based in New York City, Anita specializes in meeting clients and matching their needs with the firm’s qualified candidates.

Born in Swanage, United Kingdom to a Jewish Mother and Irish father, Anita has a family history rooted in hard work and dedication. Anita’s mother was the daughter of a Czech refugee who made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and small business owner in London.

Anita has an extensive background in the Arts. She is a trained Opera Singer and Harpist. Prior to her permanent move to New York City, Anita performed in Italy, Ireland, Greece and England. Anita Rogers is a British citizen and holds a degree in Ethnomusicology from The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) as well as a degree in Western Classical Composition from King’s College London.