Hey there!
My name is Aparajit, and I'm a student, pursuing BA in communication.
Despite what many people think, my style of blogging is not about anything particular. I use it to rant, and I use it make sure that I'm heard.
The issue with being an introvert is that you can't openly express yourself in front of others, and while many wallflowers choose to stay clammed up, I on the other hand, take up a very stubborn stance and ensure that I speak my mind here. I may seem like a chilled out person in front of you, a downright asshole if you will, and while most people refuse to accept the fact that I have a contemplative side to me as well, I defy them here.
I am both, a nyctophile and a pluvophile, and so, as the night advances, so does my thinking. I started off blogging when I wrote my first post in my garden under the open sky, and hence, I named my blog with the same name, 'Beneath The Starry Skies'.
Hope you enjoy reading my posts.
P.S. I do not shy away from anyone willing to talk to me, so contact me using the links I've given.