Ariel Hudnall

Vancouver, Canada

Ariel Hudnall is a writer of fantasy, science, and speculative fiction.

She was raised in the wilds of the south. Lightning storms and hurricanes created the playpens of her youth, and in the summers, she used to spend all of her time dodging horseflies in a golden river, catching fish and snakes with her bare hands, swinging from vines, and falling out of magnolia trees.

In the dawn of her adolescence, her family took her on a journey across the United States, from the white sands of Pensacola, FL, to the razor’s edge of the Hell’s Backbone in Utah. They finally landed in Marin, CA, where lotus eaters tried to make city folk out of them (but miserably failed.)

She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is completing a Masters in Publishing at Simon Fraser University. She works in book publicity. She has, and always will be, a dream-smith.

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