Arpit Chhikara

Delhi, India

I do a lot of things in life which turn into a mess many times. I am not the person who supports the current system of sycophancy in name of education.

Sometimes I come off as an arrogant shithead and other times as a classy gentleman. That is not who I am, that is who I choose to be. That's the direct consequence of how you behave with me.

I believe in sharing value and not hoarding things below your butt, although I don't donate to charity.

I have a vision to make this world a better place by working towards a revealing revolution in the current scenario of non compensated generosity that is more often than not, not very useful.

If that went over your head, then many things coming out of my three pound miracle would also go.

And yeah, anyways, leave it.

If you are looking for a writer to write for you and want to hire me, get in touch! If you want to take me out for a cup of coffee, I shall be more than happy to have a sip with you.

Remember, time passes away and opportunities get lost in the way.

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