Christopher Bland

Hello, my name is Christopher Bland and this blog is about all the things, “Past and Present” that surrounded me from birth to a man. From my new beginnings in life to my worst days, my happiness, sorrow, death and etc. I am Chris and I can only be Chris and no one else. I am a man in my early 30’s. I’ve had so much pain and suffering in my life. From death of love ones and close associates to bad relationships. I’ve struggled with substance abuse and many other hardships in life. If you aren’t open-minded please do not read anything on this blog. To even comprehend my words your soul must listen and not your ears. your soul must read and not your eyes. In other words you must feel my words to understand them. This is a blog about my life experiences and views of my past, present and future. Thank you and enjoy and your comments are appreciated good or bad. Have a great day!