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Me... -I've been silent online recently... Between dealing with personal stuff and compiling research for upcoming projects to finally deciding it's time to start writing my first non-fiction book to publish, I've been busy...

I'm back and starting to get active online again, though... So please remember: NEVER, will my voice die out, not until I die; and even then I hope what I do, the truths I fight for, the equality I fight for; someone else will still be doing it too... Every person matters, every share matters...

But point is... If I've been inactive for awhile, believe it when I say, I'll always be back and better for it....

I'm highly opinionated because of facts, morals, values, love and pain. I am pro-abortion for that is to be pro-life, I am against any form of hate but especially the hate that has been inflicted upon the Black community, the destroying of culture and knowledge; the lies put in place to maintain deceit and those who enforce brutality just as the slave patrols once did... Since the age 14 after I saw the police let a man suffocate while they laughed and talked, giving each other high fives for illegally hogtying a Black man with narcolepsy, I have dedicated my life to the fight against racism and police brutality.
To exposing true history, and the lies of the majority of white people.

And after I had my late-term abortion at 23 weeks, I became a pro-choice / pro-life activist. Being pro-abortion means knowing abortion is just another medical procedure. If it is right for you, I support you. It is not murder nor does it make you less of a woman... And the lies these anti's spread; I will expose. Truth and facts vs opinions of zealots... I hope people can weigh which is more reliable

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