Australian LightWing/Great Green Ideas

Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia

Australian LightWing Aircraft. Australia's Safest Light Sport Aircraft.

Australian LightWing's goal is to provide sports aviation aircraft that conform to the world's highest standards in style, performance and safety, whilst maintaining customer relations that exceed our existing and future customers' expectations.

Style: The low wing 2 and 4 place SP-2000 and SP-4000 represent the ultimate in stylish, comfortable and ergonomically superior aircraft. These features add up to an aircraft that will retain its resale value, be a pleasure to operate over its lifetime, and provide years of safe, reliable operation.

With a quarter century of design, production and flying experience, producing the popular GR-912 range, (165 aircraft sold) in the Australian aviation industry, The Hughes Group proudly presents the Australian LightWing SPEED Range of light 2, 4 and (soon) 6-seat aircraft.

This aircraft is available complete with your choice of VH or registration in the LSA category. Call (02 6686 8658) or email ( and ask for our new DVD. Our DVD contains heaps of great information and also a competition where you can win a pair of noise cancelling aviation headsets.

Please Call ( 61 for Australia) (02) 6686 8658 or email ask for Howie or Nick for details.

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