Miro Avramoff

Sofia, Bulgaria. Nearby Russia.

"I want my free will and want it accompanying the path which leads to action; and want during times that beg questions, where something is up, to be among those in the know, or else be alone." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

The above cite of Rilke was from very long ago - 3-4 years - when I was on my way to go between Those in the Know... I'd found there, what I'd found. I've gained my Spiritual Awareness, being still Alive... I Know MySelf. And the Life goes on, Beauty!... The won Wisdom and Powers of a Man can't heat his heart, as only a Female knows... I'm looking know for Life with a woman for A Life... Or for a decade or two, let's say, but I'm clinically monogamous, and I cannot jump anymore: I won't. Come and save my brave and full of Secret Knowledge Heart, for I am so alone, that You might be the True Salvation for me!...
Miro Avramoff ,
A funny-bunny hardcore values here:
For a Hangouts chat through my Google+ Profile go at it's the apexengine@gmail account. I WANT YOU. You, Beautiful Spirit's Lady, Who Knows ThySelf!... So Mote It Be!

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