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My children are Benson, our year-old Lab-American Bulldog mix, his two doggie sisters (Roenan, our 14 yr. old dobie & Tootsy, our APBT-Golden Lab Retriever mix), and two feline "siblings"---Taz, the hunter extraordinaire, and feisty Bella!
Benson is training me to become a therapy Pet Partner----which makes me just one of BensonsBuddies; allowing us to visit assisted living, non-critical medical, school and other facilities with permission. Certification permits us to begin working in the community to foster healthy and positive interactions with consenting community members. This includes (but is not limited to): hospice & therapy patients, recovering non-critical patients and facility residents, specialized group settings (libraries, schools, and group therapy), and so many more! And, every time we interact with someone, they become BensonsBuddies too!

Please join us as we take our walks and journey with Bensons Buddies! We will periodically share training & visitation updates ...and occasional photos of our family & friends gearing up & adventuring with us. Most of all, share your opinions & experiences with us, that we may learn what other Pet Partners & Bensons Buddies practice everyday!

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