Watercolour Soul

I am an artist drawn to the preservation of life within art.
My great grandfather was a gamekeeper in Suffolk and so was his father and father before. I have never visited the place myself. Maybe all their footsteps were enough..

Summer 2016 saw my return to canvas and I began a series of oil paintings entitled NEBULAE. Impressions of the celestial skies to which I am drawn and inspired. I intend to continue the series for the duration of my days. Having sold NEBULAE ONE to an unknowN RECIPIENT I find it very exciting to know, somewhere unbeknownst to me, part of my creation on this earth is being cherished in another life far away from mine and living its own!

There is so much cruelty in the world it is my hope and prayer that people find joy in my work and by this token I will have made a positive difference during my brief attatchment to this mortal coil.

I hope you enjoy my work .. ♡

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