Several months ago, my cousin Ronnie wrote the following on my Facebook page, "Miss ya big fog." He meant to write "Miss ya big dog." He said it was a mistake, but I said it was brilliant!

It totally encapsulates the way I see God; like a big fog.

Over the years, I have found that God is a total mystery. He moves in the craziest ways, always with perfection and always with grace, but in absolutely unexpected accuracy. I happen to like that, but most people don't and for good reason...

We all want to know what's going to happen next, don't we? God, will I get that job? God, are we going to move into a new home soon? God, will my mom accept Jesus? We want to know, it's in our nature. So big fog was born.

Yes, it is me, Jon Brown, but it's more than me. It's the way God moves in and out of our lives. My hope is that some of these thoughts, provocative at times for sure, will help you see God in the midst of a big fog. He's in there, He loves you and He does meet us where we're at... often in the fog.

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