I am the writer formerly known as VampPhanWriter, but I decided to change my username so that I wouldn't have to worry should I grow into another phase and out of another one.

Some things that are different about me now:
-I am no longer in middle school (unfortunately)
-I am not as traditional vampire crazy as I used to be (I still prefer them over Twilight vampires, though)
-I am no longer conforming only to gothic literature/art--I am open to most, if not all, styles. If I like it, even if no one else does, I like it, and that's final.

However, some things have not changed, for instance:
-I am still a writer.
-I am still crazy, though not legally.
-I love waffles and ice cream (either one or together; both options work for me)
-And I am always incredibly busy.

Also, if you can, check out my sister and brother-in-law's blogs, which are much, much better and creative than my own: