Ahmedabad, India

i have always found this difficult to do.... so, i will use what a friend wrote about me to introduce me. it resonates with me and makes my heart sing. :)
so, here... in his own words and style:

Meeting Biren was like meeting someone who i had known for a long time. There was warmth in his eyes, love in his embrace… funny thing i didn’t even know him.He is callous, carefree in some ways, and extremely careful in another. Free spirited, yet bound in other words; intense and yet light. contradictions bind him.
In a manner of saying, he is as human as human can be, and that, i hv always felt, is his greatest gift :)
He will share things, ask questions, listen to each and every word u hv to say, like his life depended on it. He is amazingly open and willing to learn. Honest and will say it as it is. He may not help u sort out ur issues but he may provide an environment where u may be able to be more at ease with it. His vulnerability and astuteness with his ideas are great. He knows many ppl and is able to connect u to other ppl. Above all, he encourages, supports and is willing to learn along with you.
We for sure could do with more ppl like that in our lives. :)
.... "

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