Bellingham, Washington

I am currently the host for "Bellingham Art Beat": A half-hour show that interviews artist who are active in the community, spins local music and we have a good time doing all of it.

Previously I hosted "The Playhouse Classic Blues" and "The New Americana Hour", at KMRE from about 2011-2015.

"The Playhouse Classic Blues" show features original songs from the classic era 1920-70’s, covering 50 years. Orgasmically historic. Some of my favorite artists include, Big Mamma Thornton, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Nina Simone.

"The New Americana Hour" Musicians and music lovers from the Pacific Northwest share what songs influenced their band, their art, their life. Co-hosted by SPARK Museum founder and metal artisan Jon Winter. You can still catch encore programs of The New Americana Hour on KMRE. They air 9:30PM MONDAY on KMRE-LP 102.3 FM or on

I've been called a "voice vixen" because of my smooth delivery. I'm also a poet, in a city of poets. I do very little but host my radio shows and hang out in coffee shops.

I am for hire. If you like what you hear? Contact me. Let's do something together. I'm just that easy.

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