From Banker to Author, who would have imagined that a harrowing diagnosis of cancer could change your career and open a whole new world!!
Author Brenda Mohammed did not choose writing as her career. It happened by chance. She was a successful bank manager and after she retired from banking, moved on to Insurance where she also excelled. Her job opportunities broadened her knowledge in new areas which prepared her for writing. She wrote 'I am Cancer Free' and self-published it in June 2013 eight years after her near-death experience with cancer. She wrote that book to tell people suffering from that disease that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. That book [her first] was the winner of Mc Grath House Indie Book Awards in the category Non-Fiction in September 2016. To date, she has written eighteen books in multi-genres.
Brenda lives in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Trinidad with her husband and is a fan of photography and art.
She willingly donates books to children's hospitals, national libraries, and school libraries.
She is an accomplished traveller.
Her travel experiences have translated into a captivating memoir of a travel-inspired non-fiction book, Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the World.
Brenda won awards for three of her books and another was a nominee for an award.
My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living won second Best Bio/memoirs in the SIBA Awards by Metamorph's Publishing in 2016.
I am Cancer Free won the award for Best Non-fiction from Mc Grath House in 2016.
Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka won third Best Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017.
Retirement is Fun, the sequel to My Life as a Banker was a nominee in the SIBA Awards by Metamorph Publishing in 2016.
Brenda loves to interact with her readers and other authors.
Feel free to connect with Brenda through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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