Novel Writer and Book Reviewer

Brickley Jules has been away from reading and writing for many years and has recently been given the spark, igniting her love of both again by her family.

She started out reading R.L. Stine type books. Followed later by Anne Rice Books in high school. She also fell in love with writing poetry during her high school years. But Brickley lost time for her beloved past times after she started college. During a change in majors and schools she met her husband and his family, who are the ones who recently rekindled her love of reading and encouraged her to start writing again. Brickley's first book is available for pre-order now and is scheduled to release October 26, 2016.

Brickley has two beautiful daughters that occupy most of her time. She is a stay at home mom but would one day like to combine her college major, which is Photography, with her love of writing. She can be found on most social media platforms and tries to keep them fresh, when the kids let her.

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