Back to Spain began as a way to share my experiences as a culinary intern at Nerua and Mina, two restaurants in Bilbao, Spain. The internships ended but the party didn't stop. I'm back in New York now and blogging away because the spirit of Back to Spain is still relevant. Because I want to inspire people to create memorable food experiences; and because I think everyone has had or wants to have a Back to Spain moment - a time when we return to the simple joys of life; when we take a risk to do something for pure passion.

Back to Spain shares recipes, inspirational places and spaces, and conversations with creative persons in the form of the B2S questionnaire.

ME? My favorite ingredients are: tahini, extra virgin olive oil, almond butter, honey, cashews, cardamom, paprika, flat-leaf parsley, eggs (all styles), fancy salt (though I typically use the store-brand canister of Kosher salt), most root vegetables (which I like to purée). I only eat sweet for breakfast. I don't have much professional experience baking but my goal is to one day make that country bread from Chad Robertson's 38-page recipe.... Oh, and I'm a libra. And I once did a stage at Septime, in ol' Pareee. That about sums me up.

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