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Where to begin? The business side . . . professional photographer, web and graphic designer, Windows guru, computer security sage and social media shaman. Plus accountant, business manager, sales and marketing specialist . . . all that fun stuff! And I work at Henry's Photo•Video•Digital helping people buy the gear they need to get the shot they want.

Personally - husband, step-father, father, grandfather, papa. If I'm not behind my camera or at my computer, you might spot me riding my Specialized Epic on the twisty trails, traversing the country-side on my XC skis, kicking a soccer ball, firing hard rubber pucks, coaching my son's soccer and hockey teams or setting up our trailer for a camping getaway.

On the slower side, the XBox is hooked up to the big screen for some First Person Shooter action or maybe Assassin's Creed. On my PVR currently - Face-Off on Space channel. On my iGod, Evanescence (love Amy Lee's voice), Def Leppard, Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Dido, AC/DC . . . let's just call it a varied and crazy collection of superstars, divas, legends and inspirations (and a bit of speed metal for good measure). Time permitting, I love to cook - a fusion of Italian-Asian-Caribbean-Western-Indian flavours and styles. Let's just say I love rich flavour, bright colours and many textures in my food.

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