Thought I'd write a little about myself. I am a writer, musician and animal lover. I write short stories mostly, play the mandolin in our church band, Brush Country Cowboy Church band in South Texas.

I also play the keyboard/piano a little and harmonica a little. I have lots of hobbies, but don't seem to have all the time I need to devote to them.

My main love is taking care of animals. We have 5 cats and 15 chickens. I would have more, if we had the room and the money.

My husband works seasonally eradicating bollweevils in the cotton fields.

I'm hoping to maybe do a little writing on this site, sort of like a journal, but not the personal type. I write short stories and may write a few here. That's my main reason for joining.

This picture is the cover of my first published book, Summer's Song. It's available at

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