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This book is produced by a network of global capitalists that are concerned for the system which serves us. As Capitalism is presently in crisis the ultimate goal is to define Reality, so the best choices and decisions are taken.

I was studying Marx before the Great Financial Crisis, and profited from that calamity. So I have a bias toward using a Marxist framework. I have continued my studies and have attracted quite an intellectual team that I write with.

Volume 1, is about the psychology of Religion and capitalistic society, it's an entertaining place to begin. Its content is general so you need no special education.

You should not assume an article published in my name was written by me. I don't do interviews, nor will you ever see or hear from a person involved in this intellectual project. It's not that we're introverts, we just don't like people ;)

The 2nd volume ends with the present plan of TPTB, well, one faction therein. Though the situation has become fluid.

I have been invited to many cities to have a chat with my capitalist friends, but I have declined such invitations though they are all warmly welcomed. I prefer to concentrate on my studies. But many readers write me and that's totally cool since I live on a tropical beach ;) So I have some free time, and we sometimes Skype call. Let me know what you think.

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