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This book, the Philosophy of Capitalism, is produced by a network of global capitalists that are concerned for the system which serves us. As Capitalism is presently in crisis the ultimate goal is to define the Reality, so the best choices and decisions are taken.

My network is global and consists entirely of Capitalists. My mother's family is Capitalist and has been owners of Capital since long ago. My father's family is Catholic. We're a very traditional Irish family that enjoys flower gardening and we live in an area of outstanding beauty.

I was studying Marx before the Great Financial Crisis and profited from that calamity. I continued my studies and have attracted quite an intellectual team of senior capitalists who I correspond with.

Volume 1 is about the psychology of Religion and capitalistic society, it's an entertaining place to begin. Its content is general so you need no special education.

You should not assume an article published in my name was written by me. I don't do interviews, nor will you ever see or hear from a person involved in this intellectual project. Given the content, such is not possible. And it's not that we're introverts, we just don't like people :)

The situation has become fluid.

I have been invited to many cities to have a chat with my capitalist friends and readers, and all invitations are warmly welcomed, many readers write me and that's totally cool---Usually looking for clarification on a certain point or object (like Cryptos). Though please introduce yourself when writing, I'm from the old-world and enjoy such sensibilities. That said, please don't write me if you haven't read the book material, I have no interest in correspondence from the general population.

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