Chaitali Patel

Mumbai, India

I quit my analytics job ten years ago, hoping to become a travel writer. Ever since, I did little writing but a lot of traveling and worked on a variety of exciting projects. My work gave me the opportunity to meet fantastic people and see new places from New York to Nileshwar, a small town in Northern Kerala. After a decade of trying many things, between some that I have enjoyed and some that I did not, my love for travel has been the only constant. This love for travel did not happen over night or over one specific trip, it was something that was inculcated into us as little children. My parents were travelers at heart and took us everywhere they went. Now as a mother of a two year old, I am discovering a whole new facet of traveling. Traveling with children needs a bit more planning and effort, but its also a whole lot of fun, as you see things through the eyes of your young children. I am hoping to travel a lot more with my daughter and by myself henceforth. Sharing one's travels gives one a chance to relive it through words and photos, and its something that you revisit over time and enjoy. Read my stories and please feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you and would be thrilled if I inspired you travel.