Chris Cree

Bible Teacher, Ordained Minister, and Missionary in Scotland

As the cofounder of NewCREEations with my wife Lisa I am committed to sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God. After all, Jesus taught us to pray to the Father, "thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Prior to heading overseas as an international missionary I worked for nearly ten years as a WordPress developer assisting businesses, nonprofits, and individuals reach more people more effectively via online publishing and social media. I especially enjoyed working with churches and ministries to show them how to effectively attract more people.

I am a life long professional navigator starting with ocean going cargo ships, then in US Navy jets. My background includes strange titles such as Stevedore, Port Captain, Marine Surveyor, and Naval Flight Officer.

These days my focus is equipping folks in the body of Christ to step into their inheritance and receive every blessing God has already made available for us.

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