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Chris Mentillo, Ph.D., aka, "Doc Mentillo" was born in Auburn, New York. He grew up in Skaneateles, New York and later moved to the Boston, Massachusetts New England Area, where he finished receiving his formal education. During his time in New England, he began writing about his real- life spiritual and paranormal experiences while documenting them in his personal journal. Many of these "true occurrences" he recorded were later used in his radio show broadcasts. This later leads to him writing about true crime mixed with horror and the supernatural for which he believes all intertwine. Additionally, he has written movie scripts, songs, and books which almost always fall into the supernatural horror genre or the Macabre. Other Authors such as H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Edgar Allan Poe also used macabre atmosphere in their works.

More About Chris Mentillo:

Chris Mentillo, Ph.D., aka Doc Mentillo is an award-winning writer and producer. He is known for his spiritual, and paranormal / supernatural - psychological horror writings (particularly memoirs and autobiographical sketches, along with screenwriting which he has documented, involving his own strange encounters and experiences).

In addition, Dr. Mentillo has written numerous songs for which many of the music's lyrics involve real-life stories of crime, death, murder, and the supernatural! Some of the more notable artists Doc has written for, or worked with are Jamie Foxx, Rick Ross, Nox, and Taio Cruz, the Beatles, and even Charles Manson.

Genre Specialties: horror, horror writers, supernatural horror authors, Stephen​ king horror, spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, short horror stories, supernatural horror, classic horror, Victorian horror, ghosts, ghost stories, ghost haunting, ghost horror, and true crime, awards, creative arts awards, green star awards, social media awards, celebrity deaths, celebrity crimes, music, hip hop, entertainment, horror movies.

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