Christina Ayoleke

Atlanta, Ga

Christina is a freelance writer and marketer from Douglasville, Georgia – a humdrum, little city just outside of Atlanta that you’ve probably never heard of and likely never will again.

She served as American Breast Care’s Marketing Coordinator and their Marketing Assistant before that. Prior to joining the team at ABC, Christina worked at Bella Bag as the Administrative and Marketing Assistant. So yeah, she might know a thing or two about the world of marketing.

She earned a Bachelor’s in Communications from University of West Georgia (an achievement for which she still owes lots of dollars), has taken comedy writing courses with Second City Chicago, and dived into the world of improv through Dad’s Garage Comedy Theatre.

In her off time, Christina enjoys dragging her husband to comedy shows, watching more television than any reasonable human should have time for, and using an all too annoying “puppy voice” to converse with her Yorkiepoo, Caesar and Maltipoo.

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