Jonathan Zalesne, Couples and Marriage Counseling

3600 S. Yosemite Street, Suite 1050, Denver, Colorado 80237

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy is a second career for me. I had a successful and fulfilling career in Management Consulting for almost 25 years. My last “real job” was working for Oracle running a Business Process Management consulting group. I always knew that I would have two careers and that my second career would bring me closer to real people. In 2009, I faced down my fears and made the leap. I earned my Master’s degree in clinical counseling from the University of Northern Colorado and officially embarked on my journey to become a couples and family therapist. It has proved to be the best decision I have ever made. I love going to “work.” (I needed the quotes because sometimes it really doesn’t feel like work!) I love working with couples and helping them move closer to each other. I love my new colleagues and working closely with them to become a better therapist every day. I even owe my relationship to this new field as I met my partner at an EFT training event. Yes – she is also a couples therapist. And a great one at that!

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