I'm a recent postgraduate from the University of Leeds and currently work as a part-time receptionist at the Careers Centre. I graduated from the University in 2010 with a BA in English and Philosophy and then graduated again in 2011 with an MA in Writing for Performance and Publication. As well as working at the Careers Centre I currently write for numerous websites and publications on a range of topics such as sports, film and careers (I recently wrote the Interview Tips Leaflet so if you want a signed copy feel free to drop by reception) . I also write scripts for both television and radio and regularly enter short story and poetry competitions. I have recently set up a website aimed at students with another University of Leeds Graduate which we plan to launch later this year. In my spare time I enjoy playing football (the Careers Centre team are available for 5 aside friendlies), following small West Yorkshire hip hop acts round Leeds, Don't Flop, MMA, reading, film and loads of other things. A major passion of mine is cooking and a Careers Centre cookbook has been talked about so watch this space.

Any questions feel free to drop me an email: c.p.oconnor@leeds.ac.uk