Georgia - USA

I have very wide range of interest.
Many parts of the Sciences.
Enjoy working with Physics and Chemistry.
Many parts of Math.
Enjoy working with Very Large (Prime) Numbers or figuring many digits of irrational number (Pi, `e`, or SQRT(2)).
Many parts dealing with computers.
Enjoy Programming the 10+ computers I have access to. I learned to trouble shoot and repair computers while in the Navy - so if I break one, I can fix it.
I read what I can get my hands on. Way too many subjects to list here on what I have read about. And more.
I maybe 62, but I am still learning, and enjoying it as much as I can.

When someone goes their way, and I go mine, I wanted to say something like ...
"Live Long and Proper" - but that was taken.
So I decided to say something in my own words ...
One day when you are at the age of 100 (or more), you can look around at your children, your grand-children and maybe great-grand-children, you can sit back, relax and smile.
Knowing, because of you ... they are there.
WAIT!!! That's the same thing.