85040, USA

One of my daughters is on a princess kick, which in her mind makes me the queen... and she frequently calls me ‘Queenie Mama’. I kinda like the ring of it. I reign over Tyler (6/96, step team & aerospace enthusiast, 10th grade), Halle (8/99, volleyball diva, 7th grade), and Daija (who I am quite sure has a future in performing arts, 4th grade, 12/02). We are a multi-racial (White, African, African American, Native American) and multi-ethnic (American & Sudanese) and an interfaith (Unitarian Universalist, Muslim, Christian) family. The kids and I are practicing Unitarian Universalists (still trying to get it right LOL).

We live in the beautiful Sonoran desert. When I’m not ruling the roost, I work for an airline. We all love to travel, and my work has enabled the kids to visit many places and experience other US ‘subcultures’.

I have a very strong interest in multi-racial, interfaith, and blended families, the needs of twice-exceptional children, and anything related to gifted education and ADHD. Throw in UU, children's theater, hiking, swimming, reading, dance, space exploration, and the airline industry, too ;)

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