Faith in in these UNITED STATES in of spite the stuff going on in the west
St. Matthew 6
Change your definition of prayer. people, headed down there people fuss about this;
Think of prayers as less and activity for God and do; so have more awareness of God.
Seek to live in uninterrupted awareness. file:///Users/davidb/Downloads/book4/20201019_125141.jpg
For when the Son of Man returns, you will know it beyond all doubt.
It will be as evident as lightning that flashes across the sky. Luke 17:24
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✝️ Look to Me for all … Rely on Me for all.  Drop those burdens, and then, singing and free, you can go on your way rejoicing. Encumbered with them you will fall. Drop them at My Feet, knowing surely that I will lift them and deal with each one is truly best: -
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Date: Thu, Sep 3, 2020, 8:09 PM
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We, as American
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He is here, there. Amazing Grace