Teacher, Artist and most importantly a Mama to a beautiful 4 year old. This sums up what I do to pay the bills, my sole passion and my purpose. I enjoy my life and at times isolate myself when indulging in a art project. I spent countless overnight hours working until a project or deadline is finished.

I play with everything from digital video to branding to fine art to web design.

Also I enjoy learning and creating with my hands, building a piece of furniture or a DIY craft project with my mini me. Getting off the computer once in awhile to try something new leaves me inspired and with a sense of accomplishment. If I see something that is inspiring I thrive on the challenge of figuring out how to recreate it or improve upon it.

I love teaching as it was a career I never thought I would get into. I found it's really rewarding to help others become the best at what inspires them and their creation. I had some teachers and mentors who really made a world of difference in my life and career, and I want to strive to be that person for my students.

I am a creative person who enjoys pushing pixels, capturing frames and pulling greatness my students.

I enjoy Graphic Design, Photography, Cinematography, Type, Branding/Logo design, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Traditional Art and anything I can make with my hands. I am currently a Course Director at Full Sail University teaching Web Design in the Digital Cinematography Degree, as well as a freelance in Social Media Manager/Graphic Designer/Web Designer/Videographer and Photographer.

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