Deborah Griffing

How we perceive the world around us has much to do with the workings of our brain. I spend a great deal of time with a diverse population of individuals with disabilities such as: mental health, developmental, dementia, or a combination of conditions. I have watched a close family member navigate the complicated paths of paranoid schizophrenia and my mother transition from the world of an intellectual academic to the shadows of Alzheimers. I am well aware that what we perceive as our reality is not a static certainty but a delicate landscape that can shift unexpectedly. This is unsettling to say the least yet also fascinating. The mind is a library of sorts, dense with the accumulation of one’s perceptions and experiences. Like a library it is also a place where fact and fiction can exist side by side, often mixing to make something strange yet familiar. To me, creating is an exploration within my mind’s complex interior. A research expedition of the many landscapes I find within.

This artist was awarded an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for 2013

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