1 Main B, Vijaya Bank Colony Extension, Horamavu, Dodda Banaswadi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

WHAT is Jay's Mission? Jay धनंजय has a simple mission. He wants to help successful executives and Startups achieve positive, sustainable change and behaviour; for them, their people, and their teams.

Mentoring isn't Sweetener, it is Brutally Honest, Bitter Truth Pill and KickAss is . Many Crack. Few WIN!

HOW does Jay do that? He helps you make life a little better, still better.

What is Jay's Experience? Jay has over 44 years of experience. In helping C-Level and Senior Executives and Beginner Entrepreneurs overcome limiting thoughts and behaviours and help them achieve greater success he has spent over 6 years.

How Reasonably Priced is Jay's Mentoring: Oh! Jay did it for free for years. Now He's one of the most Expensive coaches in the country. The change came with his article on LInkedin called LBYL - LEAVE BEHIND YOUR LEGACY and then he began donating all his Fees to his favorite Charities. They are most compliant, 100% IT exempt and FCRA compliant. Jay gives back to society in this manner.

Tell us more about Jay? Jay/ Dhananjay is a Self-Published Author, Artist, Poet, StartPreneur Mentor, C Suite Mentor, CSR Advisor, International Consultant, Strategic /Motivational and KeyNote Speaker, he is an Ex-MNC Director, Advisor to SMEs, Ex-Censor Board Member, Certified Excellence Assessor, Certified Independent Director,
He is a Hobby artist, critic, Self Published Author on, Assessor for QSHE Standards and Social Accountability and Investor in People Standards. Jay is a Winner. Hea has won several Global and National Awards.
How does Jay Achieve Mentee Success?: Jay helps people understand how our thoughts and environment we operate gives us cues, prompts, nudges, prods, provocation, challenge and triggers that create negative vibes, thoughts, behaviours.

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