Diamond's World

Hello, I am Brittany Barr a entrepreneur who is striving for excellence in my business and personal endeavors. I am a Business owner called Diamond's Resale Boutique, a Mother of 4, and a Wife. I am a conquer and believer that All Good Things come to a person who works hard, Trust in God, and stay focus on whatever they are doing.

I want to reach women of all ages to let them know don't never stop going after your dreams and goals in life. Push forward with your dreams, ambitions, and support group because without your family on your left and God on your right thing would never prosper.

So I want to Share the best of the Fashion, DIY creations, education, and Lifestyle inspiration in my blogs. I want to create a platform for all of you to find and learn new techniques and ideas that will inspire you to make informed decision for years to come.

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