I used to dream of a BAFTA, now I dream of a shed. I love this life, but like most men, I am often confused and mainly out of my comfort zone.

Didsbury Dad, son, husband, brother, godfather and resident. Looking backwards to 40, but in years only. Still holding out for a media revival and torn between a colourful past that now seems too much like hard work and the demands of being a serious 21st dad. I love my family - wife, son, baby twins cats and cousins. Just find parenting in public a little awe inspiring.

Happy Husband and Dad and feeder of cats.
Milk bottle maker, early-morning twin toddlers' entertainer

Not very good at being the grown-up in social situations that demand polite conversation but always keen to try.

A media past present and future and penchant for football trivia, good food and all things Didsbury family brings with it.

Can I go to sleep now?