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Craig Weiss is the CEO and lead analyst for The Craig Weiss Group, which provides analyst, advisory, M&A and consulting services to buyers, PEs, investment firms and vendors. His newest product is, which is the number one site for searching and comparing all types of learning systems, including LXPs.

Craig has been identified as one of the most influential people in the world for e-learning and the most influential person in the world for learning systems.
Craig writes the Craig Weiss blog, which is read weekly in 174 countries, territories and colonial territories.
Since he launched the blog in late 2009, his forecasts and projections on e-learning have been over 90% accurate.
Craig’s experience in the corporate world as a training director/manager overseeing divisions and departments which included developing and implementing e-learning programs and the finding and selection of learning systems makes him uniquely qualified in the analyst and consulting industry.
He has worked in multiple verticals including healthcare, non-profit, association, retail and hospitality, aerospace/defense, financial services and technology.
Additionally, Craig has written for numerous publications and speaks regularly at conferences and events around the world.
He resides in Southern Arizona, with his dogs, Voodoo, Spirit and Cali.

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