Disabled in Tory Britain

London, UK.

Lindy, writer. Read first post for intro. This diary was launched on 9th May 2015, the day after the Conservative victory in the General Election. In my 40s, I've not always been disabled. I worked for 25 years paying national insurance until I became too sick with the neurological disorder MECFS to work. Unluckily this happened at the time the Coalition government started cutting and reforming welfare. Since then I've dealt with Work Capability Assessments, ESA, the DWP, legal appeals, DLA being turned down, more appeals, bedroom tax, moving due to the bedroom tax, low cost unsafe housing, potential homelessness, massive problems with finding affordable housing in London and that's on top of being ill with a condition that has no cure! Stirred to action as the government threatens my health, my home, my finances and my future due to the welfare cuts and the NHS reforms promised in their manifesto. Constantly stunned at the level of mis-reporting and spin, this is my diary of what happened from the day after the general election and I tell it like it is folks. [opinions are authors own].