I am an Amazon bestselling author. speaker, blogger, singer, professor, and executive director. My mission is to help motivate, and teach Christian authors and leaders how to achieve their goals so they can experience all that God has for them.

A lover of thought and the Bible, the Art of War and gaming. I work professionally in the Human Services area and have a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management. I have over 20 years of service to the Christian community teaching the Bible as a member of the ordained clergy. Now retired from the clergy I’ve taken up my pen to express what has long been the untapped call God has placed in me to reach people through fiction. You can learn more about me professionally if you would like by clicking here.

I started this page to give my readers a place where they can get information about my works. A place where lovers of God, and persons of faith who enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and adventure can congregate and enjoy one another’s company. A place where I can share my thoughts on culture through the lens of a Christian African american. I’m far from perfect in my walk with the Lord. Even further in my new calling as a Christian Author. I’ve stumbled, fallen flat on my face, gotten back up and dusted myself off. So if that’s something you can relate to. Then let’s look behind the veil and strip away the masks to discover God’s best in the faith together.

I really enjoy a great movie and or a book. My favorite movie is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. In gaming I enjoy Halo, (I’ve owned most systems all the way back from Atari and Pong!) and have been a WoW fan for years. Chess, backgammon, I love most games and the strategy behind them.

I love reading! Non-fiction but fiction as well. Frank Perretti is the person who has most influenced me in terms of reading Christian Fiction. I’m losing space on my kindle!

I’m in a 2nd life phase and looking forward to all the exciting new adventures that lie ahead.

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I try to respond to every email so if you write give me a day or two but I love to hear from readers, and will do my best to get back to you timely!


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