Trevor Cutrer

Sacramento, CA

I guess this is the part or area where I'm support to say nice mediocre and vanilla things about myself so not to offend you with identity issues, right? Ok, there, I did. The Truth is, what I am trying to do create a revenue generating space between three entities that only think of themselves, and here-to-for have been at (mostly) fiscal odds with one another. Government, Private Sector, and the Tax Paying Consumer. Well I've done my homework and my plan is flawless. It meets EVERYBODY'S demand self and of the other so perfectly balance, that ANYONE who can possibly raise and objection would be committing Career suicide. You all wrote the rules, and I read them all down to the fine print....You want a solution? I got it...and I really don't see the need to be nice about it. It's going to take sacrifice and work to fix what's wrong in California and America. Our motto sum's it up. Are you Part of the Solution"? You WILL PICK a side..sustainability or continued and accelerated decline....We're done here...We won't be able to appease everyone, but we'll be satisfied with meeting the needs of say, oh, I don't know..." the 99%"?

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