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My name is Peter 'Henry' Downes.
Born SX Hospital: Pages Road Aranui Christchurch Canterbury.
Living in Auckland blessed with two daughters Rosa and Ruby the loves of my life. With two stunning mothers, Debbie and Annette. Kiwi thru'n'thru :)

Work: Visual Arts / Design / Production. Haircutter owner of Cranium Mt Eden Rd now defunct. Another shop is on its way.
Cut hair in Christchurch Wellington Nelson Auckland and many places in between.

Beatman vocal prone workin' on tracks.
Dub and Drum n Bass drums specialist.
Prefer the experimental bent.

Played drums percussion and vocals with:
B.R.F. Dan and Nino Birch - Wellington
Spines - Wellington
Mea Culpa - Christchurch
Heptocrats - Car Crash Set - Auckland
Machinations - Sydney on White Label, Mushroom Records, Melbourne.
Other unmentionables ... - Sydney.
Toured Australia extensively early 80's
Best: Melbourne. Adelaide. Perth. The Beach ^.^
Manulito's Dreamstate - morhphed to Salmonella Dub. Christchurch.

Fall drummer, Karl Burns, used my drum kit for the Wellington gigs.

Never dreamed of being an Allblack.
My dream is still the same, simply, to work with creative beings that truly matter to me.
Because making something -- sound, making anything from nothing is unforgettable and my Nirvana.

Atm, Intertuber dev code hack. Chasing the next buck hustling my way thru each month. Enjoying the interaction of like minds, if there is such a thing.

I do the odd haircut.

Miss Christchurch and the South Island for that matter love Auckland.
Miss friends and am still upset by the earthquakes of September 2010 February 2011 .
To this day I am inconsolable ..why? Because I wasn't there for my loved ones and friends.

Lessons learnt:
Peace and kindness makes love a whole lot easier.
Children are my greatest achievement.

Need creative input?
Open to various forms of web community work.
Webmaster work, like working on new projects.
Always keen to network/collaborate/team work.

Need a dnb live drummer ?
Contact me. I'm ready!

Like Bryn, a school mate was saying, "Just a hippy."

Long life, happy Dub and bikes to you.

See links below to contact me.

I don't want Con's tacting me tho'. =D

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