Emilio Pasquale

Southwest United States

My family comes from Fontanarosa, a small town about 1 hour east of Naples, Italy. They settled in the south-west United States, probably due to the spaghetti westerns movies of Sergio Leone. I first picked up a camera to document my passion for the land and the effects of the weather, the way the sun can bleach the color from the earth.

To document my travels I use a digital camera, but I feel the lack of texture decreases the effect I am going for. So I add and play in Lightroom. Lately I’ve been experimenting more with black and white as well as split tones. It is much more dramatic, I think. So you will probably see more and more processed photos from me.

I have no argument with people who want a reproduction of what the camera sees, without manipulation of any kind. But with every choice you make; the type of lens, the use of filters, the aperture, or the setting of the camera, aren’t you manipulating the image? Therefore, I reproduce an image with whatever is at my disposal, so that the viewer can see what I want them to see.

Sometimes the titles of the photos might seem arbitrary, or even meaningless . But in my mind I have quotes to accompany each, and this is where the title comes from.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy.

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