Hi. I'm Emma, ‚Äčand I am the biggest fangirl of forgiveness.
I have experienced the amazing power of surrender and forgiveness to change my life, my attitude and transform the most painful of experiences into an experience of gratitude and uncommon understanding.
I am human, completely imperfect and learning more about myself and forgiveness every day. I absolutely do not have my life "Altogether."
I am very much a student of forgiveness. Some days I completely forget all the forgiveness and understandings I know and wallow in pity, confusion, hate, justification and blame. But when I am able to reconnect with my truth and remember forgiveness, my peace returns.

Forgiveness is not the only answer "out there", and my journey of healing and growing has included many methods.
For me, Forgiveness has been incredibly powerful and transforming.
My intention through this blog is to share my forgiveness stories and explore different forgiveness techniques. Through doing this, I hope to help you or others to use forgiveness to move from pain and hurt to peace and understanding.
Thank you for reading.