Estrella Benavides, The Lord, Eloi Yahweh's Servant!

I am single. I grew up in Nicaragua and out of two broken marriages I have three males children and a granddaughter. Born in 1960, feeling about 21-year-old and looking ok. Studying for a Journalism career as I am claiming to be The Lord, Eloi Yahweh's servant. I am his living banners and the offered. I covered my head to show my respect to him. I love to dance and sing for him.

I grew up as Catholic, but I learned his name in the United States as I asked him for it. He showed me two bibles at the Cathedral Hill Church. One beautiful and one ugly, dirty and ripped off. I had felt him 4-5 times, but I had never heard or seen him yet. He asked me and communicate with me as written through dreams, the Holy Bible and other people. He asked me to observe, accuse and set his banners.

What I discovered is the used of witchcraft and technology by the "Government Representatives," the worse crime ever as they are using what is written for their best interest. We are the image of the only God and as his image our soul lives in our mind and body which is just his home, a computer.

Slavery exist. It was abolished for black since they knew how to communicate with the spirits and were smart as any other race in this world. Quietly wicked people slaved non-wicked and had been using non-wicked (the poors and fatherless) because we are not accepted as family members if we do not know that 3=1 and we do not know how to subjugate others, abused them and take advantage for their own best interest.

Government representatives are persecuting me worse than millions, just because I am trying to make public their worse crime. Knowingly, forcing others to do, be or believe just to create an economical system to have an economical status quo higher than others. To have power. They robbed my five properties, raped my baby and took his legal and physical custody in retaliation. They ignored my accusation as I requested help at San Mateo City Hall at the beginning of 2005. Congress and House of Representatives no less as I wrote them for help and accused the father in 4/18/05. San Mateo Police Department rejected my accusation on 6/27/05. They are my persecutors. They denied my due process rights and had denied several of my basis human rights and not to say my Constitutional rights as citizen of this country. SeEstrella Benavides See my below posting and help. I am publicly begging for help and protection as a public accusation against gov't representatives who are persecuting us for religious reason and who are denying our Constitutional rights as please for the sake and best interest of the crime organized mafia using our taxes to pay them. See Facebook

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