Fiona Crystal

• poeт • wordѕмιтн • alғa wolғ • wιld тнιng •

I am a nefelibata with a wanderlust, looking for my smultroställe. I want to make resfeber numinous memories or die. In a quest for love, soulful music, spiritual experience, writing a best selling novel and a meaningful life. Alone, I find my soul spinning words of heartbeats and lucid dreams of wild things. ❤

“My words are the ink colored tear stains left behind on pieces of papers when the mind and the heart come together to fix the pain in my soul. I bleed on the paper. I die. And then my breath survives another day.” ❤

A Bachelors degree in Sociology with a Masters in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. I have a passion for poetry, writing, blogging and talking about global socio-political issues. I am an author of two WordPress sites and yet-to-publish books.

• Pronoun : She/Her
• Gender & Sexuality : Fluid
(Demi-Bi-sexual • Gender-nonconformist)

✿ Feminist + Pro-Choice + Pro-Equality • Counsel distressed teens and adults (in high risk situations) online •

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