A government and investor relations team of public international lawyers and professional legal researchers, FRANHENDY ATTORNEYS is an advisory and transactional legal practice, with a global presence. Multi-lingual and experienced in tax, trade, investment and private client services, that rise from the operation of different models of of contemporary, public-private sector partnerships, our attorneys are qualified in Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Caribbean and the United States. We aren't your typical law firm, precisely because our client briefs are atypical; and so demand solutions that are not only 'fit for purpose' but nuanced enough so that they fall within that space where industry and government interests converge. With our strong credentials in diplomacy acquired over our combined sixty years in practice, and our strategic network of external partners, we understand the importance of identifying, creating and supporting 'right relationships' to help our clients better understand how to manage: public policy; the compliance and regulatory environment across our practice areas; and industry strategies for responsible growth, profitability and development. Our bespoke services include: policy and legislation; advocacy and negotiation; business facilitation; diplomacy and representation ;brand defence, management and communication; and relocation and professional immigration, A founding member of the POST-BREXIT CONSORTIUM, we have added another layer of value to our clients through the calibre of the Consortium's collective thought leadership, initiation of critical cross-jurisdictional conversations and leveraging strategic engagements in the weeks since the British public decided to leave the European Union. In so doing we facilitate client-centred decision -making that can realistically be described as an exercise in contingency planning and execution because we are yet to see the outer limits of a world with a fractured Europe.

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